Assessing your academic qualifications

The Engineering Council holds a database of qualifications approved for EngTech or fully or partially accredited for IEng and CEng.  

Check your qualifications

Before making an application for professional registration, you may like to check whether or not your qualifications have been approved or accredited.  A summary of the types of qualifications likely to be approved for EngTech or accredited for IEng and CEng can be found on the pages dedicated to Engineering Technician Member, Incorporated Member and Chartered Member.

Details of all qualifications approved or accredited for professional registration can be found in the Accredited Course Search available on the Engineering Council website.

International qualifications

If you have studied overseas and one or more of your qualifications is from a university outside of the UK they may still be approved or accredited as meeting the requirements for professional registration. Please contact us and we’ll check your qualifications on your behalf. 

My qualifications are not approved for EngTech 

If your qualifications are not approved then you can still apply to become an EngTech we will simply need you to provide written responses to a series of questions that we refer to as our EngTech competence and commitment statements.

The five questions that make up the EngTech competence and commitment statements have been designed to allow you to provide evidence that you have acquired the appropriate level of knowledge, understanding and experience to meet UK-SPEC.

My qualifications are not accredited for IEng or CEng

Similarly, if your qualifications are not accredited for IEng or CEng then you can still apply for registration at these grades, we will simply need to make an individual assessment of your qualifications. This means your application will need an academic assessment.

We will ask you to provide us with copies of your qualification certificates and transcripts and will submit these along with your application form to our academic panel who will carry out the assessment.