Assessing professional development

In order to achieve professional registration with us we’ll need to assess your academic qualifications, vocational training and industry experience against UK-SPEC. Details of how we do this can be found in the professional registration pages. 

Professional Code of Conduct

Professionally registered engineers are required to undertake regular CPD activity in order to retain their professional title. However, IGEM is concerned with the professional competence of each and every gas engineer and manager. All of our members are required to sign up to our professional code of conduct that requires them to undertake and record their CPD activities in order to retain their membership with us.

CPD sampling

To support our members with the maintenance of their professional competence each year we randomly select 2% of professionally active EngTech members, 2% of IEng members and 2% of CEng members and ask our Professional Development Committee to review their CPD records.

If selected as part of the sample we’ll contact you on or before 1 June with details of how to complete your submission form detailing CPD activities undertaken over the preceding calendar year (January – December). You’ll be able to submit activities that fall outside of this date range if you wish. The deadline for submissions is 1 July.

Members may choose to submit one activity that you are particularly proud of or an activity for each month. Either approach is fine. Although we’re confident that our members will be able to find several activities that meet the criteria each month.

For members using mycareerpath the process is simple as they can simply submit their activity list for the last 12 months.