Upcoming Publications & Events

We closely monitor the progress of external policy publications, research reports and events that are relevant to our industry and may be of interest to you. Here you can find a summary of those upcoming publications and events, when they are expected and where you can find out more information.


Policy Connect - Pipeline to 2050: Building the foundations for a harmonised heat strategy

Following up on our report Uncomfortable Home Truths: why Britain urgently needs a low carbon heat strategy, Pipeline to 2050 sets out recommendations for BEIS’ forthcoming Heat and Buildings Strategy, across six themes: A joined-up approach, Urgent at-scale action, Governance, Finance, Deployment development & innovation, and public engagement.

Expected date: November 2020

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UK Government – Policy Paper: The ten point plan for a green industrial revolution

This report sets out the Government’s plan to achieve a Green Industrial Revolution, including investment in clean technologies, including ‘up to’ £500m on Hydrogen. Under Point 2 of the plan – ‘Drive growth of Low Carbon Hydrogen’ the Government plans include:

  • Working with industry the UK is aiming for 5GW of low carbon hydrogen production capacity by 2030, that could see the UK benefit from around 8,000 jobs across our industrial heartlands and beyond. This will be supported by a range of measures, including a £240 million Net Zero Hydrogen Fund
  • Hubs where renewable energy, CCUS and hydrogen congregate will put our industrial ‘SuperPlaces’ at the forefront of technological development.
  • Pioneering hydrogen heating trials, starting with a Hydrogen Neighbourhood and scaling up to a potential Hydrogen Town before the end of this decade.
  • Lower carbon heating and cooking with no change in experience for domestic consumers through hydrogen blends and reducing the emissions of the gas used by up to 7%.
  • Pioneer a new British industry dedicated to capture carbon and storage under the North Sea

Key milestones include:

Expected date: November 2020

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National Engineering Policy Centre - Beyond COVID-19: laying the foundations for a net-zero recovery

The report urges policy makers to make bold moves in five key areas to avoid being locked into a high carbon future, including:


  • Ensure recovery packages work together as a whole to pivot the UK towards a net-zero economy
  • Apply outcomes-based procurement processes for all public-sector infrastructure and building projects with a focus on low carbon
  • Prioritise diversity and inclusion for jobs and skills to reverse COVID-19 impacts and help build net-zero capacity and strengthen long-term capability
  • Drive digital transformation as an essential enabler of net-zero and resilience
  • Deploy cross-sectoral systems approaches to policymaking that underline the interconnectedness of different policy areas and economic sectors

Expected date: November 2020

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BEIS - Energy Policy White Paper  

The government have announced that Clean Growth Strategy published in 2017 will be refreshed in light of the Government's net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 target.

Expected date: Winter 2020

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BEIS - Heat Policy Roadmap  

The Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy is working with stakeholders to save carbon and transform the way we heat our homes and businesses.

Expected date: Winter 2020

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Energy Institute – Energy Policy Debate: UK Energy Policy Priorities for 2021

In 2021 the UK Government will have much on its plate, from COVID-19 to Brexit, as well as being at the forefront of the climate change debate by playing host to COP 26. But what will the UK’s energy policy priorities for 2021 be? And how will it balance these priorities alongside the significant economic issues that the pandemic has wrought?

2 December | Online Webinar

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CCUS 2020: Delivering Clean & Sustainable Growth

A two-day virtual conference, hosted by the Carbon Capture and Storage Association. The event will provide delegates with the latest developments in this rapidly evolving sector. It will include a number of parallel programmes that enable you to explore the wider landscape for CCUS and to deep-dive into specific aspects of project delivery.

2 - 3 December | Online Webinar

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National Grid ESO - Clean heat and its implications for electricity and gas system operation

In National Grid ESO's 2020 Future Energy Scenarios one of their Key Messages is that reaching net zero is achievable but requires immediate action across all key technologies and policy areas. One of these areas is heat decarbonisation, which is identified as requiring urgent policy decisions to drive change across the whole energy system. They have recently published a thought piece on the future of clean heat here.

8 December | Online Webinar

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Energy Networks Innovation Conference 2020

A free interactive virtual conference for anyone involved in managing, developing or implementing innovations that will pave the way for our future net-zero emissions gas and electricity transmission and distribution networks.

8 - 9 December | Online Webinar

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Utility Week Health, Safety and Wellbeing Digital Conference 2020

The UK’s only dedicated digital event for health, safety, and wellbeing professionals in the utilities sector.

9 - 10 December | Online Webinar

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Sustainable Gas Institute Annual Lecture 2020

This year's Annual Lecture will be given by Professor Maroto-Valer, Associate-Principal (Global Sustainability) at Heriot-Watt University, on ‘Industrial decarbonisation: The role of gas for a green economic recovery’.

10 December | Online Webinar

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WEET Policy Conference – The future of the gas network in the UK

The conference will explore areas such as the RIIO-2 price control regime and its implications for operators, their partners and consumer; priorities for modernising infrastructure assets for decarbonisation, and the latest thinking on developing the hydrogen and low-carbon heating economy.

15 December | Online Webinar

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