UKERC - Energy Policy Review 2019

Review of Energy Policy 2019
Climate change is higher on the agenda than ever this year. The UK government has raised the level of ambition, legislating for a net-zero target for all greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. Whilst it may be
possible to achieve this goal before 2050, the political debate about the target year risks distracting attention
from a crucial question: what actions will the next government take to significantly reduce emissions?

IGEM response

“IGEM welcomes the recommendations in UKERC’s Energy Policy Review published in December. It focuses attention on the practical steps that the Government should take to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Based upon seven themes which form part of UKERC’s research programme for the next 5 years, the review sets out the challenges the Government will face and presents 10 priority policy recommendations. IGEM supports UKERC’s call to Government to include polices for widespread deployment of low carbon heat (including demonstrating hydrogen at scale) in its future heat and energy efficiency white paper – and ensure that there is a sufficient pipeline of skilled and competent professionals to deliver the transition.”