IGEM Welcomes ENA Hydrogen Blending Delivery Plan

Published yesterday, Britain’s Hydrogen Blending Plan sets out the actions needed from industry and government to start decarbonising the gas network through hydrogen blending; demonstrating that a 20% hydrogen blend could reduce carbon emissions by 6m tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to 2.5m cars being off the road.

Following ground breaking work conducted by the HyDeploy project, which successfully trialled a blend of up to 20% hydrogen into a representative gas network at Keele University and has now started a blending pilot on a public gas network in Gateshead, the Plan outlines the critical operational and regulatory next steps required to achieve 20% hydrogen blending by the winter of 2023. 

IGEM CEO, Oliver Lancaster says “A critical enabler for hydrogen blending is the change needed to the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations (GS(M)R), to expand the allowable hydrogen range in the gas network up to a 20% limit. Through IGEM’s Gas Quality Working Group we are supporting the evidence base to change these Regulations and bring us one step closer to making hydrogen blending into the UK gas grid a reality.”

The full report is available to read here