Policy responses

Read IGEM’s recent responses to key strategies, polices and announcements impacting the gas industry and its stakeholders. 

IGEM's response to BEIS Open consultation - Enabling or requiring hydrogen-ready industrial boiler equipment: call for evidence

March 2022

We welcome the opportunity to respond to this consultation and aim to represent the collective views of IGEM Members and our gas industry stakeholders. We have selected questions from the consultation which are of greatest relevance to our Members and provided our response.

IGEM Welcomes ENA Hydrogen Blending Delivery Plan

January 2022

Britain’s Hydrogen Blending Plan sets out the actions needed from industry and government to start decarbonising the gas network through hydrogen blending; demonstrating that a 20% hydrogen blend could reduce carbon emissions by 6m tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to 2.5m cars being off the road.

IGEM supports Rapid 'low regrets' decision making for net zero policy report from the Royal Academy of Engineering

November 2021

We're proud to have supported this report from the Royal Academy of Engineering on the low regret, urgent decisions that can be taken now to decarbonise the UK economy. The report includes a case study from our Head of Technical Services & Policy, Ian McCluskey, on the Deployment of Critical Technologies such as Hydrogen and Carbon Capture.  

IGEM introduces National Engineering Policy Centre spending review submission

September 2021

Developed collaboratively with the UK’s professional engineering institutions, the National Engineering Policy Centre has set out its key priorities for the 2021 Spending Review in its new document Six engineering ambitions for the UK Spending Review. This presents six core policy recommendations to the government across several core policy areas: net zero, infrastructure, education and skills, and innovation. 

IGEM responds to the UK Hydrogen Strategy

August 2021

IGEM welcomes the long awaited release of the UK Hydrogen Strategy. As the professional engineering institution of the gas industry, IGEM is passionate about engineering a sustainable gas future. We are working with the UK Gas Networks and key stakeholders, including the HSE, to support the safe transition of the network to a low carbon hydrogen future.

IGEM responds to CCC's 2021 Progress Report to Parliament

June 2021

In the report the Committee acknowledges the historic climate promises made by the Government over the past year, but states that it has been "too slow to follow these with delivery".

IGEM responds to new IEA net zero roadmap report

May 2021

The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) newly published report, ‘Net Zero by 2050 – A Roadmap for the Global Energy Sector’, presents the findings of its global study on how to transition to a net zero energy system by 2050, with the aim of ensuring stable and affordable energy supplies, providing universal energy access, and enabling robust economic growth. 

IGEM's response to the Future Buildings Standard

April 2021

Consultation on changes to Part L (conservation of fuel and power) and Part F (ventilation) of the Building Regulations for non-domestic buildings and dwellings; and overheating in new residential buildings. It sets out proposals for a Future Buildings Standard, which provides a pathway to highly efficient non-domestic buildings which are zero carbon ready.

IGEM welcomes Government Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy

March 2021

Building on the Prime Minister’s 10 Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution published last year, the new Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy sets out the government’s vision for building a competitive, greener future for the manufacturing and construction sector. Part of the government’s path to net zero by 2050, today’s measures will create and support 80,000 UK jobs over the next 30 years whilst cutting emissions by two-thirds in just 15 years.

IGEM welcomes Government's Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution

November 2020

Covering clean energy, transport, nature and innovative technologies, the Prime Minister’s blueprint will allow the UK to forge ahead with eradicating its contribution to climate change by 2050, particularly crucial in the run up to the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow next year.

IGEM welcomes report from National Engineering Policy Centre

November 2020

The report urges policy makers to make bold moves in five key areas to avoid being locked into a high carbon future. IGEM fully support the report’s recommendations to make the best use of the UK’s existing assets and infrastructure and to mobilise a workforce that can meet the technical needs of the UK’s net-zero future. 

Spending Review must support innovation to improve resilience and cut carbon emissions, say engineers

October 2020

The government’s Spending Review should include support for innovation, especially to achieve the aims of net zero emissions, resilient infrastructure and nationwide digitalisation, according to recommendations published by the National Engineering Policy Centre (NEPC) today. The UK should aim to be not just a science superpower, but a science, engineering and innovation superpower, enabling it to deliver the maximum economic and social returns from its investment in science.

IGEM welcomes Climate Assembly report on the path to net zero

September 2020

See IGEM’s latest policy response to the Assembly’s backing for including hydrogen in decarbonising heat supply, alongside heat pumps and heat networks; acknowledging the call for local areas being able to choose the solutions that best suit them. 

IGEM welcomes new APPG hydrogen report

July 2020

See IGEM’s latest policy response to the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Hydrogen's latest report urging the Government to move quickly on hydrogen and set ambitious policies to unlock investment, create employment opportunities and support the UK's net-zero targets.

Net Zero: A systems perspective on the climate challenge

May 2020

See IGEM’s latest policy response to the National Engineering Policy Centre's publication names Net Zero: A systems perspective on the climate challenge. 

Two new policy reports highlight why Gas Quality matters

February 2020

See IGEM’s latest policy response to the Hydrogen Taskforce’s publication named The Role of Hydrogen in Delivering Net Zero, and ADBA's publication named Biomethane: The Pathway to 2030 and what they mean for immediate policy support across the sector.

UKERC - Energy Policy Review 2019

October 2019

This year’s Review of Energy Policy focuses on seven themes that form the backbone of UKERC’s research programme for the next five years. The Review sets out some of the challenges the next government will face and makes specific recommendations about future policy priorities.

IGEM welcomes a new report from the Energy Networks Association (ENA)

October 2019

The report recognises a number of key requirements in ‘preparing for the transition’ and outlines the low-regret actions for policy makers and stakeholders to support now.

Third instalment in IGEM-sponsored Future Gas Series presents some “Uncomfortable Home Truths” about low carbon heat

October 2019

A new IGEM-sponsored report has called for an urgent Green Heat Roadmap by 2020 to scale low carbon heating technologies and help Britain’s homeowners access the help they need to take smarter, greener choices on heating their homes.

National Engineering Policy Centre – Engineering priorities for our future economy and society 

August 2019

This is the first joint publication by the National Engineering Policy Centre, an ambitious new partnership between IGEM and 38 UK engineering organisations, led by the Royal Academy of Engineering. The report calls on government to work with the sector to invest in skills, innovation, digital and traditional infrastructure, and clean energy technologies.

IGEM echoes MPs’ demands for government to “make a commitment on CCUS now” following carbon capture report

April 2019

This report follows the Committee’s inquiry examining the Government’s commitment to deploying CCUS technology and whether it has a “plan b” to meet the UK’s climate change targets should the desired cost reductions not materialise.

Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers (IGEM) comments on CCC hydrogen report

November 2018

This report contains the key finding that hydrogen will play a substantial role in the long term progression to a decarbonised power, heat and transport system. However, the CCC envisages much more energy efficient homes with heat pumps that use electricity to draw heat from the ground or air, running alongside gas boilers.