Welsh Section pays a visit to Trecatti Biogenie site

04/12/2018 09:00
Welsh Section pays a visit to Trecatti Biogenie site

By Thomas James, Welsh Section Chair

In December, members of IGEM’s Welsh Section visited the Trecatti Soil Treatment Facility, in Merthyr Tydfill.

Many brownfield development sites have previously been used for industrial activities including the manufacture of town gas, coal and coking. To make the sites fit for purpose, any toxic contaminants need to be removed with an environmentally friendly process. This is what happens at the soil treatment facility, carried out by Biogenie Site Remediation at the Biffa Trecatti landfill.

The Trecatti soil treatment facility is able to treat a variety of materials and contaminants, and the team supports every stage from initial testing and pre-acceptance, through to the final treatment and disposal. The contaminants treated include gasworks waste, such as polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAH); total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH); volatile organic compounds (VOC) and chlorinated solvents.

The process is landfill tax exempt and the facilities are fully licensed, meaning that substantial savings can be made on hazardous disposal without sacrificing compliance or sustainability. The treatment provides optimal conditions for the bacteria naturally present in the soil, which promotes their development and increases their capacity to degrade organic pollutants.

The visit included a site tour along with an overview of the operations, treatment processes and reuse of the materials. The visit was well attended with attendees from a variety of industry related backgrounds.

Thanks must go to the managers and engineers from Biogenie who showed us the site and answered our questions.

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