Taking control of the future

01/08/2019 09:00
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Phil Jenkins, Chair of IGEM’s Industrial Affiliate Section, joined IGEM CEO Neil Atkinson to welcome over 100 delegates from fellow IAs for an event dedicated exclusively to hydrogen.

In June, representatives from three of the UK’s gas distribution networks, Cadent, SGN and Northern Gas Networks (NGN), came to IGEM House to give members and invited guests an update on their respective hydrogen projects: HyDeploy, HyNet, H21, Project Cavendish and H100. 

This was complemented by a roundup of National Grid’s current efforts to consider the use of hydrogen within the national transmission system.

Given that each of the projects currently being undertaken considers the use of hydrogen from a different perspective, each speaker acknowledged the importance of coming together at events such as this one to share the insights gained from their work.

It should come as no surprise that the number one consideration across all hydrogen projects is safety. With all parties united in their belief that the UK needs to move forward with hydrogen, the focus is on collecting data to form an evidence base that demonstrates hydrogen poses no increased risk in comparison to natural gas.

This evidence base is essential as it will underpin the safety case allowing conversion to take place. The role of the consumer as an enabler of this change was also recognised.

Hy4Heat Programme Manager Heidi Genoni provided an overview of her programme, commissioned by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to explore whether replacing natural gas with hydrogen for domestic heating and cooking is feasible. This could be part of a plausible potential pathway to help meet heat decarbonisation targets.

Heidi was followed by IGEM Technical Officer Joanne Bone, who took to the stage to update members on the progress of a new technical standard for hydrogen (as part of the Hy4Heat programme) and the work of the IGEM Gas Quality Working Group.

A Q&A session gave delegates the opportunity delegates to meet with each of our speakers and discuss the specifics of their work. Thanks to all those involved in this excellent event.

Afterwards, delegates said they found the event “insightful” and were excited to learn more about the projects. “It was great to see the links between the projects and to get an update on all the projects at one event,” said one delegate.

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