Showing the way

01/08/2019 09:00
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On 4 June, the Scottish Section co-hosted its showcase event of the year, Demonstrating the Pathway to a Decarbonised Hydrogen Heat Network.

The event was delivered in partnership with IChemE and The University of Edinburgh at the Kings Campus, Edinburgh.

It brought together academics and industry leaders to discuss decarbonising the energy network in Britain with respect to hydrogen. With a turnout of 50 delegates, it certainly was a night of intelligent discussion.

Proceedings were kicked off by Angus McIntosh, Director of Energy Futures at SGN, with a fascinating presentation highlighting the role the gas plays in our current energy industry and the projects SGN is involved in to decarbonise its network.

Angus was followed by David Hogg, Director of Bright Green Hydrogen, based in Fife. He spoke about hydrogen production in the UK and the challenges and solutions posed by production by electrolysis.

To conclude the first half, Stuart Haszeldine, a leading expert on geological storage, presented on carbon capture and storage with respect to our available geology, including examples already commissioned across Europe.

After the break, Mark Wheeldon, SGN H100 Project Manager, restarted proceedings with an overview of the H100 project, covering the everyday challenges of dealing with hydrogen instead of methane.

To end the technical talks, Stephen Livermore, from Fraser Nash Consultancy, presented on the very real challenge of the physical conversion.

He demonstrated the requirement of training a competent workforce and the time it takes to carry out the conversion.

IGEM’s Head of Technical Services and Policy Ian McCluskey gave the closing statement, highlighting the importance of academic and industry cooperation in solving the current energy challenges.

The event could not have been possible without the support of exhibitors Frazer Nash Consultancy, Rush Construction Services and SGN.

Further thanks goes to our excellent speakers and the University of Edinburgh for hosting the event. May it be the first of many collaborations.

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