Rebelling against extinction

02/12/2019 12:28

By Ben Smith, North East & Yorkshire Section Chair

The IGEM North East & Yorkshire Section held its ‘Net-zero, Climate Change, and Adaptation’ event in the main hall of Newcastle’s historic Trinity House.

The event illustrated, through a series of presentations, the synergy between changing public opinions, climate science, and the significant projects being undertaken within the gas industry to reduce emissions in line with UK government targets.

The first presenter was Alan Charlton, a retired school teacher, who is now involved in several permaculture initiatives and is a member of Extinction Rebellion.

Alan shared his concerns about climate change and provided an insight into Extinction Rebellion’s strategy and structure. He also gave an overview of some emerging ideas, both local and national, with an emphasis on permaculture design, transition towns, and regenerative cultures.

Next up was Dr Alistair Ford, Senior Lecturer at Newcastle University. Alistair shared findings from recent climate science studies, including the IPPC’s recent global warming report. Alistair discussed past trends in global temperature and used this to show the pathways and mitigation measures needed to limit the earth’s temperature rise.

The final presentation was given by Antony Green, IGEM President and Head of Engineering and Asset Management for Gas Transmission at National Grid.

His presentation showed just how advanced the hydrogen feasibility and implementation projects are in the UK gas industry. Emphasis was placed on the need for continued national and international collaboration.

Following three great presentations, which promoted active listening to ideas both inside and outside of the gas industry and healthy debate, it was a pleasure to award Alec Breen with his IGEM silver medal for his 2018 paper, Established, Expert, Connected. Congratulations, Alec!

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