Platinum Jubilee Statement from the IGEM President and CEO

01/06/2022 09:00
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As we look back at the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, who we are proud to have as the Patron of our Institution, we can certainly see that it has been a long, happy and prosperous reign, as our President at the time of Her Majesty’s Coronation, J I Haynes, so eloquently hoped. It is with great pleasure that, on behalf of IGEM, we extend our congratulations and warmest wishes to our Monarch on the occasion of this momentous Platinum Jubilee and thank her for the years of service passed, and those yet to come.

Over the last 70 years, much has changed in the gas industry, with; continuous innovation and energy system transformation through the development of a nationally connected gas network; the ending of coal gasification as we moved across to natural gas; the role we have played in power generation to keep the lights on in an increasingly lower carbon electricity system; the supply to industry to deliver for their needs in underpinning our economy and jobs; the quiet provision of enormous diurnal and seasonal energy flexibility and storage, and the advent of green gases like biomethane as we continue to heat homes and supply a new demand from transport.

With the dawn of a hydrogen era now upon us as our next challenge and opportunity, we are striving across the sector to play our part in delivering net zero for the benefit of all demands across the whole, integrated energy system.

As it is now 230 years since gas was first produced for the purpose of lighting, and 210 years since gas distribution was first born in Westminster, we look forward to a prosperous future for the global gas industry and future anniversaries as our contribution to climate change reduces, and as we engineer and pass on a sustainable gas system to be proud of to our future generations.

God Save the Queen.

David Parkin Oliver Lancaster
IGEM President IGEM CEO  
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