Whitelee green hydrogen facility to power public transport

24/11/2021 13:33

A wind farm is to become home to a state-of-the-art hydrogen storage facility which could eventually produce enough clean energy to help power the next generation of public transport.

The UK government has awarded the project, based at Whitelee Windfarm in East Renfrewshire, £9.4m.

It said the project would help Glasgow reach net zero by 2030.

The cash will go towards developing the country's largest electrolyser, which converts water into hydrogen.

The hydrogen produced can be easily stored and transported to where it is needed.

Splitting water and capturing the released hydrogen requires energy, and the project will use electricity produced from the wind farm, the largest onshore farm in the UK, to create the gas.

One use for the hydrogen generated will be to support local transport. The facility is expected to make so much of the zero-carbon fuel that it could provide the equivalent of enough zero-carbon fuel for 225 buses travelling to and from Glasgow to Edinburgh each day.

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