Hydrogen meters to feature in the UK’s 100% hydrogen home public demonstration

05/05/2021 15:28
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Prototype hydrogen meters, developed by smart meter specialist MeteRSit, will be installed in the UK’s first 100% hydrogen home public demonstration which is set to be complete later this month.

Located in at Northern Gas Network’s Low Thornley site, near Gateshead, the project will offer the first glimpse into the potential home of the future where no carbon emissions are released.

Northern Gas Networks, the Government’s Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and gas distribution network company Cadent are all behind the ambitious development.

Playing its role in the hydrogen-fuelled plans, MeteRSIt, a SIT Group company, has been working on an experimental hydrogen gas meter as part of the government’s Hy4Heat programme.

“Our expertise, market knowledge and ability to read consumption data with extreme accuracy are among the factors that saw us chosen for a project that is significant not just for SIT, but for the entire energy sector,” said Federico de’ Stefani, CEO of SIT.

“These houses represent an important milestone in the construction of an energy future based on efficiency, safe and mindful usage of alternative gases and consumption data reading, thanks to IoT and self-regulating technologies. These elements are useful only if change starts with the consumer: the power to make our homes and spaces more sustainable and environmentally friendly is in our hands.”

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