Government invests over £116 million to drive forward green innovation in the UK

08/12/2021 13:02
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Over £116 million in new government funding will boost green innovation across the UK as efforts to help businesses reduce their carbon emissions continue.

Announced on Tuesday 7 December, the funding will see projects across the country develop new technologies that increase energy efficiency in homes and buildings, reduce carbon emissions, boost the UK’s energy security and provide cleaner ways to generate power and heat. The investment will see the projects play a key part in the UK’s green industrial revolution, putting British business at the forefront of green innovation - helping to generate green jobs and kickstart millions of pounds of private sector investment.

From today, businesses developing technologies new to the UK are able to bid for a share of £64 million in government funding supporting projects that will capture carbon emissions and remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere – through the Direct Air Capture and Greenhouse Gas Removal programme.

This government funding will support companies across the UK to put cutting-edge technology in operation, which will stimulate further investment from the private sector, and help develop UK expertise in this area.

Projects supported under the first phase of the programme include a range of innovative green technologies such as using absorbents that can capture CO2 directly from the air (Direct Air Capture) and capturing the CO2 stored in natural material such as waste wood through combustion to produce energy (Bioenergy with Carbon Capture). Through this new funding under the second phase, these projects will be developed from the design stage into demonstration projects, which could scale up to be commercial projects by 2025.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Greg Hands said:

This £116 million government investment will support businesses across the nation to turn their green ideas into reality, and to develop ground-breaking projects that save energy, slash utility bills and tackle pollution.

British businesses and entrepreneurs are already leading the world with innovative solutions to tackling climate change. This is not only good for the planet, but will bring new jobs and investment across the UK.

In addition, the government is supporting energy entrepreneurs across the UK with £30 million in funding to develop a wide range of new decarbonisation and energy saving technologies. Under the latest round of funding from the government’s Energy Entrepreneurs Fund, 58 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will receive grants to develop and demonstrate new technologies across the areas of energy efficiency, power generation, heat generation and energy storage.

The government previously announced £11 million would be made available for this phase of the Energy Entrepreneurs Fund, but due to the large number of exceptional high-quality applications that were made, the government is offering an additional £19 million, bringing the total funding for this round to £30 million. This demonstrates the government’s desire to support new ideas and encourage entrepreneurial spirit, particularly from small businesses, to cement the UK as a world-leader for green innovation.

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