Climate change: Ban new gas boilers from 2025 to reach net-zero

20/05/2021 10:03
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The International Energy Agency (IEA) says that no new fossil fuel boilers should be sold from 2025 if the world is to achieve net-zero emissions by the middle of this century.

It's one of 400 steps on the road to net-zero proposed by the agency in a special report

The sale of new petrol and diesel cars around the world would end by 2035.

The IEA says that from now, there is no place for new coal, oil or gas exploration or supplies.

The report has been welcomed as an important contribution on the road to COP26 in Glasgow, when countries will attempt to agree the measures needed to put the Paris climate agreement into practice.

In that context, tackling the issue of how the world produces and consumes energy is the most critical endeavour.

The energy sector, according to the IEA, is the source of around 75% of the emissions of greenhouse gases that are driving up global temperatures.

Models designed so they could switch to burn hydrogen could be an option - and will probably be around £100 more than the £2,000 standard gas boiler.

This will help the climate because hydrogen from renewables burns with no emissions.

But climate advisors say it will probably only heat around 11% of homes, because hydrogen supply will be limited.

So most are expected to be warmed by heat pumps, which extract warmth from the air or the ground, or from water - a bit like a fridge operating in reverse which sell for between £6,000 and £18,000.

They're subsidised, but MPs say the government needs to offer more help to home owners. What's more, heat pumps need high levels of insulation which aren't always possible.

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