Sichuan welcomes FEDS delegation

11/02/2020 16:27
Group photo taken at Chengdu Qianjia Technology Co. Ltd..jpg

By Peter Chak, Honorary Secretary of IGEM FEDS

In November, IGEM’s Far East District Section (FEDS) organised a delegation to Sichuan, China.

The trip received an overwhelming response with over 30 participants coming from Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou and Shenzhen among others.

Delegates included IGEM President Elect Duncan Wong and FEDS Chair Eddie Pak, who were delighted to see that the event had engaged a number of Industrial Affiliates. 

The first visit was made to Chengdu Qianjia Technology Co Ltd. Members were able to appreciate the company’s intelligent GIS and SCADA platforms used to manage the operation and maintenance of the gas transmission and distribution system, designed by bringing together ideas, data and technology.

The group also received a tour of the production floor, featuring a diverse array of smart meters. Afterwards, a visit was paid to Sichuan Energy Investment Xindo Distributed Energy Co Ltd.

Here, participants acquired a deeper insight into the design and operation of a typical CCHP or tri-generation plant, learning about the company’s emphasis on safety, efficiency and reliability.

Later, a dinner was hosted by Towngas China and Shanghai Fiorentini Gas Equipment Co Ltd, allowing guests to mingle with each other and to share their knowledge.

All in all, it was a very successful delegation, offering an excellent opportunity for members to extend their knowledge of gas and energy technology while building their network of professionals.

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