President Duncan Wong’s Sharing for the 3rd China Urban Energy Reform Summit

12/07/2021 14:17
duncan wong 3rd china urban energy reform summit.PNG

In December 2020, President Duncan Wong was invited to share his insights on hydrogen economy in the 3rd China Urban Energy Reform Summit. Representatives from the National Energy Administration, scholars, experts and professionals had attended this significant event of the energy industry in China. 

The Summit was held in National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai). President Wong delivered his sharing by video broadcast due to the travel restrictions caused by the pandemic. The video was later publicised on the IGEM Far East District Section (FEDS) WeChat platform to facilitate our FEDS members to learn about the development of hydrogen energy in the UK from President Wong’s sharing at any time. 

The topic of President Wong’s presentation was “Hydrogen – A Pathway to UK Net Zero Carbon”. Apart from promoting IGEM to Chinese professionals in the gas industry, President Wong covered four major areas in his sharing, including the trend of energy market in the UK, government policies to achieve the commitment of Net Zero Carbon by 2050, pilot projects of hydrogen utilization and last but not least, the active involvement of IGEM to support the realization of net-zero carbon emission in the UK, for examples, forming the IGEM Hydrogen Technical Committee to ensure gas quality and provide reference standards. In 2021, IGEM will also launch an online Hydrogen Knowledge Centre to facilitate the industry development.

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