IGEM launches policy and research hub

30/01/2020 13:54
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This week sees the launch of IGEM’s new policy and research hub on www.igem.org.uk.

The hub provides a centralised resource for our members, stakeholders and the public to find out more about developments in the gas policy space, including details of upcoming policy events and publications that explore emerging technologies and issues affecting future energy policy.

Visitors will find information on IGEM’s current policy and research collaborations, including the latest Transitioning to Hydrogen report, produced with the Institution of Engineering & Technology (IET), and the IGEM-sponsored Future Gas Series from Policy Connect.  

Our hub also includes a research library of related reports on the future of gas, where IGEM will be signposting publications from a broad range of technical and policy focused organisations and research institutes.

IGEM’s Head of Technical Services & Policy Ian McCluskey said: “IGEM has an important role to play in shaping future energy policy and working alongside our industry stakeholders we are helping to develop the evidence base for government to establish the most effective pathway to heat decarbonisation.

“Our new policy and research hub is an exciting first step in sharing IGEM’s own policy work as well as the good work of our partners and stakeholders. There is a tremendous amount of activity happening in the gas industry right now and we hope to capture and consolidate that work in a meaningful way.”

Over the next year, we will publish a range of position statements and policy briefings on subjects relevant to the future of the gas industry and will continue to report on, and respond to, policy developments across industry and government.

To view IGEM’s policy and research hub click here.

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