IGEM goes live

05/09/2019 16:38

What is IGEMtv?

IGEM has launched a new online channel full of exciting video content as a way to connect with our members across the world. IGEMtv will bring you the latest IGEM events and conferences on demand, plus webinars so you can learn at home, in the office or on the go.

Who can view it?

At the moment, our video content is available exclusively for members. We’re looking to make it a paid service for non-members, but for now the best way to view this content is to become a member.

What is available now?

We’re in the process of adding new content all the time, but for now kick back and enjoy:

  • Highlights from our Industrial Affiliate event, Hydrogen – Taking Control of your Future
  • All the finalists’ presentations from our YPPC (a new one every month!)
  • The 2019 Sir Denis Rooke Memorial Lecture, featuring Dame Judith Hackitt
  • A selection of presentations from our latest Road to 2050 conference, Digitalising the Energy Networks

What’s coming up?

In future, you’ll be able to watch even more of our keynote presentations from major IGEM events, giving you better access to expert knowledge at a time that suits you. Key events that you should keep your eyes peeled for in 2019 including highlights from our 2019 Annual Conference, Blueprint for the Future: From vision to reality.

Check out our new IGEMtv section of the website here.

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