Gi goes digital… for now

04/06/2020 17:09
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At IGEM, we’ve worked hard to make sure your membership experience has continued with minimal disruption, but like many businesses we must continually adapt to the New Normal.

The coronavirus pandemic has hit many membership organisations hard, but IGEM has been quick to make changes to the way we work so we can continue to support you through this difficult time.  

However, this has meant we have had to make some difficult choices, including the decision to produce alternate digital-only editions of our journal, Gas International (Gi) for the remainder of 2020.

This means the August and October editions of the journal will only be available online. You’ll still receive the digital version of Gi in your inbox, plus you’ll be able to view the edition at any time via MyIGEM and you’ll also be able to download a PDF version to keep.  

Why are we doing this?

We understand that Gi is an important aspect of your membership, especially as the gas industry faces unprecedented disruptions of its own. We want to keep being able to produce this valuable publication at a time when you need it most.

Going digital has allowed us to make necessary cost savings while still producing a high quality journal that serves the needs of our members. These cost savings are being reinvested in the institution to keep us going through this tricky period.

And while our annual reader surveys show that members prefer the print product, we have learned that the nature of member engagement has changed during the pandemic. More of you are connecting with IGEM online than ever before, either through our webinars, via IGEMtv, in video meetings or through our website.

As your habits change, moving to a digital format allows us to bring you the latest news and features from around the gas industry when you want it and how you want it. Finally, from an environmental standpoint, each edition that we produce in this way saves approximately eight trees!

What if I can’t access the internet?

If we do not currently hold an email address for you, please get in touch with our Membership Services team to update your details. A limited number of print journals will be available to those members who do not have access to an email address.

Is this a permanent change?

No, it’s only temporary. We’ll be back to our normal print schedule at the start of 2021 when you can continue to look forward to that satisfying thud as Gi hits your doormat once again. If you would prefer to keep receiving the journal digitally, just let us know. 

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