Cadent staff volunteer in the community

23/04/2020 14:32
Apr - Cadent gas company staff volunteer in community.jpg

Workers for gas supplier Cadent are volunteering in their local communities to help support vulnerable people during the coronavirus lockdown.

The staff are being given two days of paid volunteer-leave each month to carry out the work, which includes food and medication deliveries.

Employee Stewart Gibbs has been dropping off food parcels in his hometown of Henley-in-Arden.

He described it as a "privilege" to help in such "unprecedented times."

Gill and John Russell, who have received deliveries from Mr Gibbs, said the scheme had been "a god send".

"He's helped the local area tremendously," Mr Russell added.

Cadent chief executive, Steve Fraser, said: "In a time of national crisis we felt it was right to step up that support for those who most need our help.

"If every member of staff took up this offer that would be 8,000 volunteering days each month."

The scheme is currently running until the end of May.

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