Spotlight on women in gas: Alex Pender

In our ongoing series of case studies, we’re speaking to some of our members, asking them about their careers to date and how IGEM has supported them so far. Alex Pender is a Marketing Specialist at ULC Technologies. Here, she tells us her story so far. 

Alex joined ULC Technologies in July 2020, upon completion of her Marketing and Business Enterprise degree at the University of Strathclyde and having previously completed internships in the industry and found the role of innovation in the journey towards net zero exciting. 

“At ULC, I work within our internal marketing team to develop communications, coordinate tradeshows and events, and engage with industry bodies like IGEM to participate in events and share information on all the exciting projects and robotic development that our team do at ULC,” she says.

“So far, my career highlight has been working on the Robotic Roadworks and Evacuation System (RRES) project and collaborating with SGN to deliver a collaborative communications plan, as well as getting a shot at driving the robot once it arrived in the UK. I’m looking forward to expanding my industry knowledge further – particularly around hydrogen and the role it will play in the gas industry moving forward.

“I’ve been amazed by the amount of really exciting projects, initiatives and plans going on in the industry right now. Working in marketing in the utility industry has opened my eyes to that, and I get to collaborate with our customers and clients on lots of great communications to show how we’re contributing to the work going on in the industry,” she says – adding that good communication is key to collaboration: “if we continue to share best practices and the latest ideas and innovations, this will only help the industry with the journey to net zero.” 

On what made her decide to join IGEM, Alex says she was recommended to join IGEM shortly after joining ULC Technologies to broaden her industry knowledge and meet younger members of the industry – “the opportunity to learn more and feel like I’m making a difference to the industry was exciting,” she says. 

“It’s allowed me to meet new people in the industry and learn a bit more about everyone’s roles in shaping the industry. The learning aspect has allowed me to be more confident in writing communications as well as remembering all the acronyms – there are a lot! IGEM have hosted a wide variety of webinars and workshops which have been great assets in understanding what each company is currently doing in the industry.”

Alex is also on IGEM’s Young Persons Network (YPN) committee, having joined shortly after becoming an IGEM member. So far, she says, the committee have been looking at how they can attract younger members of IGEM to join them at the wide range of events they are planning.

“It’s been a great opportunity to be involved in the YPN and meet like-minded young professionals in the industry, especially after working from home for the last two years,” she says, “I had the chance to meet some YPN members recently, and I’m looking forward to networking more with the committee and industry attendees at the events we have planned throughout this year.” 

On women in gas, Alex says “it’s really inspiring to see and hear from women who have been working in the industry and driving change within their organisations. IGEM have done a great job in highlighting the achievements of women through events and spotlights and raising women’s voices – it’s provided me with an opportunity to learn from those in the industry and their experiences.

“There’s still a long way to go, but it’s been encouraging to see how companies are making the correct changes to become more diverse and inclusive – a diverse and inclusive workforce is crucial to innovation and success.” 

Find out about becoming an IGEM Management Associate IGEM, and how to apply, here.

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