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Bohr Limited
27 Bath Road
GL53 7HG
United Kingdom
Industry Sector(s)
  • Design
  • Installation/maintenance and repair
  • Production/transmission and distribution
We are a lean, agile and innovative company, dedicated to helping achieve Net Zero. Every member of our team is an expert in their field, with over 100 years Clean Energy, Natural Gas, Hydrogen and Biomethane experience between them. Having successfully setup companies, developed world-leading technology, created global sales and subsidiaries and orchestrated the funding of 100's of £millions to support green energy operations, the team brings unrivalled experience to the industry. As the world progresses towards the goal of Net Zero, the only way to hit targets involves a significant technological evolution. We are working on several enabling technologies that will help unlock Clean Energy and we have a dedicated R&D team supporting our investment in the future. Further to this, we also offer specialist inhouse systems integration capabilities, with an emphasis on innovation and as a result, ensuring improvements in performance, productivity, reliability, and safety while reducing costs.
Contact Name
Tom Knight

+44 (0) 7724 871 853