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Roadgas Ltd.
United Kingdom
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  • Installation/maintenance and repair
  • Manufacturing

Roadgas is a leading UK supplier of refuelling stations for vehicles using natural gas or bio-methane as a road fuel.
Refuelling stations - We supply a range of stations using either "grid gas to CNG", "LNG to LCNG", "LNG to LNG" or their combinations, including bio-methane.
The type of station depends on customer location, gas availability, fleet type, fleet size and the customer's expansion plans.
Our station options allow the customer to source fuel independently.
Servicing and support - At Roadgas we believe that keeping the fuelling station operating 24/7 is vital to all vehicle operators. We have developed and incorporated an integrated control and monitoring system into our stations. This allows us to remotely monitor, adjust and control the station in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Our service engineers can access the system at any time and from any location via the internet.
Our maintenance and service packages include all statutory examinations to ensure continued safe operation and minimum downtime.
Roadgas stations:
Examples of stations built to date include - the Coca Cola, Tesco, Camden Council and Leeds City Council LCNG refuelling stations.
Our stations have supported Coca Cola and UPS vehicles supplying the London Olympic Games.
Currently under construction are LNG truck refuelling stations for B&Q, Sainsbury's, DHL, UPS and the first public refuelling station, at DIRFT on the M1, which will provide both LNG and LCNG.

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Jon Harman
(0)1159 870 944