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JPB Utilities Ltd.
United Kingdom
Industry Sector(s)
  • Installation/maintenance and repair
  • Production/transmission and distribution

JPB Utilities Ltd is a UK construction, civil engineering and utilities business based in the North West of England.  We work in the private and public sectors on projects ranging from £100,000 to £6 million.

A core part of our service is dealing with the Health and Safety Executive's iron mains replacement programme.  Our network covers the North West and West Midlands areas, extending to the North East and Scotland when required.

The company has grown considerably over the past three years while maintaining the values of a small efficient and competitive business.  We have built and maintained a reputation for delivering high quality operations in a safe working environment.  This committed approach ensures repeat business and has facilitated our growth and competition in the industry sectors.

The focus on these core values has driven the company forward and established long term relationships with key clients in addition to promoting our brand through the construction and civil engineering markets.

Contact Name
Mr Paul Walsh
+44 (0)161 3434630