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GTS Nitrogen Services Ltd.
United Kingdom
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  • Design
  • Installation/maintenance and repair
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GTS Nitrogen Services Ltd was formed primarily to apply the cryogenic properties of liquid nitrogen to production and maintenance problems in industry and specialises in the use of nitrogen gas as an inerting and drying medium and also offers the following services; shrink fitting, gas freeing, drying, pressurising, cold hardening, refrigeration, embrittlement and ground freezing.

To complement our operations, GTS also offers a consultancy service using over 35 years’ experience of our technical staff. This service is able to answer queries on applications in engineering, manufacturing, utilities and agricultural and food processing industries and advice on supply, installation and use of cryogenic equipment, systems, processes and safety in the use of cryogenic fluids and gases.

Contact Name
Andrea Buckley
+44 (0)1773 521112