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United Kingdom
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  • Installation/maintenance and repair
  • Production/transmission and distribution

Fulcrum is a leading independent UK energy solutions company providing technical engineering, design and project management services across its core gas connections business and, increasingly, as a provider of multi-utility connections. Fulcrum is unique in its market not only for its unrivalled experience but also for its national coverage and ability to deliver design and engineering excellence at a local level.


We operate in the following principal areas:

Unregulated Gas Connections
Fulcrum's core business relates to the design, engineering and management of unregulated connections to the UK gas market. In addition, Fulcrum provides a comprehensive service including disconnections, metering and outlet pipework.

Multi-Utility Connections
Fulcrum also provides multi-utility connections which include a combination of two or more utility supplies, enabling greater efficiency to our customers across both design and project delivery.

Regulated Pipeline Operations
Through Fulcrum Pipelines Limited, Fulcrum owns and operates networks of gas pipelines and their related infrastructure assets.


Fulcrum provides:


Our products & services:

  • Gas connections
  • Metering
  • Outlet Pipework
  • Gas Disconnections
  • Multi-Utility


Work is undertaken:


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Jenny Salt
+44 (0)1142 804199