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Ex~i Flow Measurement Ltd.
United Kingdom
Industry Sector(s)
  • Installation/maintenance and repair

Ex~i Flow Measurement specialise in researching, developing, and manufacturing products for the gas and liquid measurement industry, with a focus on continuous project development and enhancement.

Our commitment to our clients is to provide products and a level of service that matches or exceeds their requirements in terms of performance, quality, reliability, cost and response.

Ex~i Flow Measurement was founded in 2007 and in our first two years of existence we focussed on the development of the SFC3000 flow computer, which moved from concept to finished product in less than two years.  Since then, we have continued to improve and add to the functionality of the SFC3000 to stay up to date with the current needs of our customers. Increased functionality has been achieved by developing a range option boards and adding many additional software features.

Our Product Engineering Development Team
Have more than 50 years combined experience in product design and development for the gas measurement industry.

Each team member has skills in disciplines such as Physics, Micro Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Mathematics or Mechanical Engineering and all hold degree or higher level qualifications in these subjects.

Their previous employers include companies such as BS Instruments and Elster-Instromet.

Our Product Manufacturing Team

Have more than 30 years' experience in all types of manufacturing processes within the electronics industry. Their previous employers include companies such as Solartron, BS Instruments and Elster-Instromet.

Contact Name
Daniel Goodwin
(0)1243 554920