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ALH Systems Limited
1 Kingdom Avenue
BA13 4WE
United Kingdom
ALH Systems is one of the UK's leading specialists in the development, design and manufacture of equipment for safe and cost-effective maintenance of gas distribution networks. The company supplies equipment to more than 20 countries and offers a total distribution maintenance package, including flow stopping, leakage control and reinstatement. Recent innovations include the development of long handled tools for 'keyhole' operations in conjunction with established techniques for gas-free tapping, maintenance and repair operations.

ALH Systems Group of companies are leaders in design, development and manufacturing of fittings and equipment for a range of utilities not just in the UK but globally. Building on over 40 years of industry experience, the Group supplies effective solutions for maintenance, leakage control, repair and  rehabilitation, in addition to gas free network access and flowstopping capabilities of the distribution networks using both mechanical and advanced resin based solutions.

Contact Name
Andy Vine
+44 (0)1373 858 234