Consultants’ Directory

Our members are our greatest asset and between them they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Many of them have worked in the gas industry for a long time and choose to offer their services as consultants. Our Consultants’ Directory contains details of individual members who provide consultancy services to the gas sector.

You can search for individuals by keyword, or by the geographical area(s) in which they operate. You can also identify professionally registered engineers and Gas Safe registered engineers.

Industrial Affiliate Directory

Our company members are referred to as Industrial Affiliates (IA’s). The organisations currently affiliated to us are both large and small and cover a wide range of disciplines. Details of all of our IA members can be found in our Industrial Affiliate Directory.

You can search for an organisation by keywords or the sector(s) of the industry they work in e.g. Production, transmission and distribution, Installation, maintenance and repair or Education and training. Alternatively you can filter organisations by the geographical area(s) in which they operate.