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Individual or company membership?

The first decision you need to make is whether you’re going to apply as an individual or on behalf of your company. Once you have identified which type of membership you would like to apply for you can make an application online.

If you have not already done so, you will need to register with this site so that we have a record of your name and basic contact details and, if applicable, those of your company.  Once this is done (and you’re logged into the site) you’ll be able to proceed with your application.

Please note, if you wish to apply for company (Industrial Affiliate) membership you’ll need to register as a company. Select the company option from the dropdown list when prompted to do so.

Company membership

To become a company member you simply need to complete the online application form, agree to abide by our Industrial Affiliate Code of Practice and pay the relevant fee. Once you’ve done so we’ll contact you to say hello and provide details of how to make the most of your membership.

Individual membership

There are several grades of individual membership to choose from depending upon what stage of your career you are currently at, your academic qualification(s) and the skills and experience that you have gained. Visit the which grade? page for more details.

Whichever grade of individual membership your choose, if you have a CV you’re likely to find it useful to have a copy of it next to you when applying as we’ll ask you questions about your qualifications and employment history. We’ll also ask you to select your chosen grade of membership from the list provided. Don’t worry, if you are still not sure which grade at this stage, our membership services team will review your details when they receive your application and confirm which grade of membership is right for you along with next steps.

In many cases the initial application is all that is required in order to join us. However, there are a number of grades, particularly those that include professional registration, that require additional information and evidence to be provided. You’ll receive an email from our membership services team with instructions of exactly what to do and you’ll be able to provide additional information online via the My IGEM section of this website.

If you’d prefer to apply offline please contact us and we’ll send you an application pack by email or post.

Start your application

If you are not already registered with this website click the registration link below to start. If you’re already registered and are logged in, click the apply link to be taken to our application tool. 

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