Volunteer testimonials

Kathryn Brown AIGEM

Senior ConsultantDNV GL       
Engineering Associate

 "I joined IGEM as an Engineering Associate in 2013 and applied to volunteer in 2017. I undertake a dual role where I act as a representative on both the Young Persons Network (YPN) Committee and Midlands Section Committee.

"I originally volunteered as a young person as I felt there was a disconnect between IGEM and young people in the industry today. I felt that I was able to be both more involved with the organisation to understand the events that were being held and why, and bring a young perspective to the committee by volunteering for this role.

"Volunteering gives me a great insight into the work IGEM does and all the different people that are involved. There are lots of opportunities to network and bring different people together to help the industry grow. It also allows me to be involved in the planning of events to ensure that they are interesting to me and others with similar interests."

Chris Gorman CEng MIGEM

Chartered member

"I have never seen myself as a volunteer but as a member of IGEM, which is first and foremost a learned society as defined in the royal charter. Being a member of a learned society means that, by participating in working groups, committees and council, industry experience and learning is shared. It is also fundamental to producing IGEM standards.

"Personally, much of my career was influenced by the experience and learning gained from being involved with my peers on various IGEM committees.

"It can also be a major part of your continuing professional development if, like me, you are no longer involved in the main stream of the industry.

"I think it's important for new members to get involved with this learned society so they can not only bring new ideas, but also benefit from the existing knowledge base."

Stacy Griffiths

Asset Support Assistant, Wales & West Utilities
Student member

"I first joined the South West committee in April 2016 and have been Section Secretary since June 2017.

"I've been attending IGEM events since 2013 and have always gained a lot from them. An opportunity came up to join the committee and I jumped at the chance to give something back. The technical evenings we host focus on the future of our energy network and it's great to be a part of that.

"Volunteering allows me to interact with a wider variety of people who I otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to meet. I've acquired invaluable skills through the committee that I've been able to apply to my current role within WWU and will no doubt further assist with my career advancement.

"Most importantly, everyone I've met through IGEM has been really great, especially those on the South West Committee, and it's been wonderful working alongside them."

Keri Bunnell CEng MIGEM

Data and Asset Health Officer, Northern Gas Networks
Chartered member

"Volunteering with IGEM on the Professional Development Committee (PDC) and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) working party is very rewarding. It has been a steep learning curve, but I have benefited from the support of experienced IGEM members and was encouraged to contribute right from the start. The skills that I'm developing are also enhancing what I'm able to bring to my day-to-day role."  

Chris Bates CEng MIGEM

Project Engineer, National Grid
Chartered member

"I have worked voluntarily on the IGEM Membership Committee and Academic Panel. One of the key benefits I find is meeting and assisting with highly varied and interesting applicants from the Chief Engineer of one of the UK's largest bakers to a lead engineer for the Atomic Weapons Establishment.

"IGEM really does open your eyes to the wider gas and energy industry and with it fresh perspectives. It's all too easy to stay in your own comfort zone and not seek new ideas and ways of doing things. IGEM provides an intellectual meeting place and forum for this to occur."

Neil Snell BSc CEng FIGEM

Head of Training and Development, SGN

"Engagement with one of IGEM's committees not only lets me influence decision making that can potentially affect all members, but it also gives me a useful insight into workings that would otherwise be 'behind the scenes' which helps me in my job role. The contacts made are also very valuable."


Gas Asset Management Engineer, National Grid

"I have just completed 25 years in the gas industry and soon after joining British Gas I joined IGEM. I have been fortunate in my career in being able to take advantage of the opportunities to advance myself, both academically and professionally through registration as an engineer.

"By volunteering, I'm not only able to give something back but also further my own professional development."