Why Smart Metering matters in the quest for Net-Zero-June-21

Why Smart Metering matters in the quest for Net-Zero

15/06/2021 14:00 - 15:00
This event will help equip those working in the social housing sector with an understanding of how Smart Metering works, the benefits of achieving efficient energy use within their housing stock and how to overcome some of the practical obstacles.
Online Webinar
This is a free of charge event 

Smart Meters are essential tools for successfully balancing the demand-offer energy curve for energy suppliers, and allow the linking of the consumption and production measurements with the time information and the customer’s identity, enabling the substitution of flat-price billing with smarter solutions. In addition to sending data to the energy operators for billing and monitoring purposes, Smart Meters send the same data to customer devices in near-real-time conditions, enabling new services such as instant energy awareness and home automation for the homes of today. 

Join us to understand both the benefits and practical challenges that implementing the UK Smart Meter roll out presents, and why this is so vital to a social housing sector challenged to provide homes that are energy efficient.


Earl Richards, Cadent, Industry Specialist responsible for the Implementation of Smart Metering on the Gas Network and Services Beyond the Meter to support customers in vulnerable situations. 

Earl will look at and explain how Cadent supports the industry with the Smart Metering Implementation programme (SMIP) and the impact it has on gas consumers and the emergency gas service. 

Kim-Marie Mortimer, Head of Health, Safety, Compliance and Governance for OVO Energy, Chair for the Energy UK Retail Safety Forum and Deputy Chair for the National Skills Academy for Power. 

Kim-Marie will outline how OVO is working with customers and landlords to deliver on the smart metering program and the UK's energy system transformation to support each other to achieve, as a collective, our obligations as local authorities, businesses, employers and consumers under the Government's campaign "together for our planet" to achieve net zero 2050.



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