Introduction to IGEM/TD/1 and IGEM/TD/2-sept-21

Introduction to IGEM/TD/1 and IGEM/TD/2

21/09/2021 09:30 - 12:30
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Course summary

This course will focus on the principles for design, build, commissioning, maintenance and operational requirements laid out in IGEM/TD/1 Edition 5 – steel pipelines and associated installations for high pressure gas transmission and the risk models adopted in IGEM/TD/2 Edition 2 – assessing the risks from high pressure natural gas pipelines.  The course consists of a combination of presentations, practical activities and group discussions.

The course will be delivered in three, three-hour sessions delivered on 21, 22 and 24 September.

Learning outcomes

•An understanding of pipeline best practice based on IGEM/TD/1

•Appreciation of how IGEM/TD/1 affects every role within the gas transmission lifecycle

•Ability to apply the basic principles identified in IGEM/TD/1

•Ability to apply the risk management methodology to pipelines designed, constructed and maintained in accordance with IGEM/TD/1 and IGEM/TD/2

•Knowledge to identify mitigation measures to reduce risk

•Knowledge to identify preventative and corrective measures associated with pipeline failures

Course content

IGEM/TD/1 overview

•Management systems for pipelines and associated equipment

•Planning and legal considerations

•Materials for pipelines and associated installations

•Handling, transport and storage of steel pipe (SUP1)

•Design of pipelines

•Proximity awareness and classification

•Construction of pipelines

•Testing of pipelines and associated installations

•Commissioning of pipelines and associated equipment

•Protection against corrosion

•Operations and maintenance

IGEM/TD/2 overview and IGEM/TD/1 – practical application

•Risk assessment models

•Failure of hazardous gas pipelines – consequences and assessment and predictions

•Calculation of individual risk and societal risk

•IGEM/TD/1 designing out the risk, risk mitigation during construction and operation

•Risk assessing attendees’ infrastructure

Who should attend?

Anyone currently working within the gas industry who wishes to have an understanding of the controls placed within the high pressure gas transmission system at all phases of design, operation and construction.  

The course is suited to engineers, operators and constructors who wish to have an overview of how their roles impact on other stakeholders.

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