IGEM/UP/10 – Installation of flued gas appliances in industrial and commercial premises

IGEM/UP/10 - Installation of flued gas appliances in industrial and commercial premises

11/12/2019 09:30 - 16:00
This course will provide attendees with information to ensure that installations they are involved with comply with the most current standards and practices.
IGEM House, Kegworth
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Key outcomes/objectives

The course will look at the location and requirements for appliances and pipework, it will also explore the need for and levels of ventilation that must be provided for the appliances and also to satisfy DSEAR. Further examination of the types and requirements for chimneys, including adherence to the Clean Air Act, will be explored including sizing, termination and the use of fan diluted flue systems to mention but a few.

On completion of the course delegates should be able to demonstrate they have sufficient knowledge and understanding covering:

- Selection of appliances
- Location of appliances and pipework
- Pipework
- Ventilation
- Chimneys and flues
- Gas and fire detection and hazardous areas
- Commissioning and handover
- Servicing and maintenance

Course content

- Introduction – review UP/10 to discuss the scope and relationship to other standards and legislation.
- Detailed scope of new document, applicable equipment, minimum and maximum input ratings and aggregation of appliances.
- Working with the document
- Planning the installation taking account of size of space and location, availability of services and hazardous area applications, use of heavier than air gases.
- Pipework and the provision of manual and automatic isolation within buildings and the recommendation of fuel measurement.
- The need for and principle of ventilation to gas fuelled equipment.
- Sizing of natural ventilation opening for gas fuelled equipment within various locations and flue configurations.
- Mechanical ventilation requirements.
- Limitations of chimney outlets considering clean air act.
- Materials permitted for chimney design, consideration for routing and selection of suitable chimney size and height.
- Condensate disposal and chimney termination.
- Requirements for gas detection and assessment of hazardous areas.- Details of the commissioning requirements for gas.
- Discussions regarding the requirements for maintenance of gas equipment.
- Practical exercises and scenarios to reinforce learning.

Who should attend?

Engineers who are responsible for the design of installations in industrial and commercial applications which contain gas fuelled appliances.
Practising installation, commissioning and maintenance operatives both Gas Safe Registered and those working outside of the Regulations e.g. within factories.

Email events@igem.org.uk or call +44 (0)1509 678150

Venue information

IGEM House, Kegworth
IGEM House High Street
DE74 2DA
United Kingdom