Considering Human Performance: Webinar

Considering Human Performance: Webinar

16/07/2020 15:00 - 16:00

Join Ed Corbett, Head of Human & Organisational Performance at the Health & Safety Executive's Science Division for the latest insights into human performance. 

This is a free of charge webinar

Are you getting involved in industry innovation, business transformation or the ‘future of gas’ and want to ensure you identify and manage the risks leading up to and throughout any transition?  

Whether you are a recent hire, a new player in the industry, or just fancy using the ‘lock down’ for a safety refresher, this session will provide an outline of some of the human factors and organisational psychology topics that are essential to health and safety leadership and performance.  

The UK gas industry has changed hugely in terms of how gas is produced, stored, transported and used to deliver heat, power and transportation. The knowledge around safety and risk management and therefore the safety regulator's view of 'what good looks like' have evolved significantly particularly regarding potentially hazardous industries like ours.  

'Human Factors' is a term many of us will recognise, but outside of the safety practitioners’ ‘bubble’ do we all know enough about what 'Human Factors' is and its key role in health and safety leadership and in the management of change?   

Ed will provide an overview of the HSE’s Health and Safety Leadership framework, tools and methods that can be applied to make practical improvements to health and safety performance. He will cover: task design, procedures, competence assurance, culture and fatigue and will wrap up the session with some perspectives on incident investigation and organisational learning.

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