The Panel for the History of the Gas Industry

The Panel for the History of the Gas Industry (PHI) was formed in 1980 and since that time there have been five chairmen: Crawford Sugg, Don Wilson, Barry Wilkinson, John Horne and the current chair Russel Thomas.

The volunteers that make up the panel are passionate about recording and preserving the rich history of the industry and many of them have ancestors who were involved in gas long before they themselves were born.

The Historic Gas Times

They produce The Historic Gas Times, a quarterly newsletter that anyone can subscribe to. They also take a particular interest in our historic book collection housed in the library at IGEM House.

History fund

The PHI is responsible for management of IGEM’s history fund, a separate registered charity formed in 1983. The fund has offered grants to a number of projects at gas museums and three members serve on the National Gas Museum Trust.

If you’d like to make a donation to the History Fund please send a cheque payable to the history fund to IGEM House, 26 & 28 High Street, Kegworth, Derbyshire DE74 2DA. All contributions are gratefully received.

Sugg Heritage Award

In April 1981 the PHI launched the Heritage Award. Renamed as the Sugg Heritage Award in December of the same year, this award is used to recognise work that contributes to the understanding of the history, aspirations, traditions and achievements of the gas industry.

The first recipient was Mr G.W. Battison in recognition of his contribution to recording the history of the gas industry. The latest recipient was former IGEM President Christopher J. Murray in 2013 who received it for his presentation celebrating the 200th anniversary of the UK gas industry.

Details of all of our awards can be found in the awards and medals page.