Membership committee

The membership committee, on behalf of Council, approves applications for the election and transfer for the different classes of membership. Two sub-committees, namely the Academic Panel and Professional Development Committee, assess and approve non-exemplifying individual academic qualifications. The Membership Committee retains its critical role in maintaining the Institution’s license from the Engineering Council. The chairman ensures the functioning of all processes and obligations under the Membership Policies and Procedures Manual. The whole process is now covered by strict quality assurance procedures compliant with BS EN ISO 9001, the Institution’s Quality Manual and Governance Manual. Every five years, the Institution is audited for compliance by the Engineering Council for the renewal of its license to register gas engineers.

Academic Panel

The Academic Panel (AP), is responsible for the consideration of all Individual Case Procedure (ICP). ICP’s are applications that do not comply with the formal academic requirements of the ‘Exemplifying Route’ criteria and therefore require a pre-assessment of academic qualifications. The Academic Panel will recommend to the Membership Committee and the applicant how any gaps can be filled and provide advice and guidance to applicants. 

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee (PDC), is responsible for the accreditation of Academic Courses, (universities, colleges etc.), all education and training matters, and the formal approval of structured company training schemes / programmes and the continuing professional development requirements.