Council and committees

The Council, led by the elected President, is responsible for the overall governance and control of IGEM. It creates and facilitates policy and strategy initiatives through its boards, committees and working groups. 

Each committee consists of at least one member of Council with the Chair or Vice Chair being a Trustee.  The staff report to the Council and have specific operational tasks, manpower and financial controls allocated to them via an annual business plan. The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the daily operational management of IGEM and reports its progress at each council meeting.

Follow the links below for further details of each of our committees: 

Call for nominations

Nominations are invited for ordinary members of IGEM's Council to serve from the AGM in May 2021. The Council is the perfect opportunity to contribute to the direction and future strategy of the Institution. Nominations must be made by 1 January 2021

Download the nomination form

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