Benevolent Fund

The Incorporated Benevolent Fund of the Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers is the gas industry’s leading welfare charity and exists to provide support and financial assistance to needy and distressed members of the Institution and their immediate families.  

The fund is available to current members, their spouses, sons, daughters and grandchildren. It can also help mothers and fathers but does not include siblings or extended family such as aunts, uncles and cousins. 

It was created in May of 1877, although records indicate that donations and bequests were being collected before this time. While the fund's structure and rules have changed over time, the original aim of "affording assistance to necessitous members and their families" still holds good today. 

Since the process started, many members of IGEM, IGE, and predecessor forms of the Institution have benefited from the fund as they have fallen on difficult times.  

The Benevolent Fund was incorporated in 1962 and since then the charity has provided assistance to members of the Institution and their linear dependants. Its objective is to provide help to members and their families in need, as well as providing one-off grants, loans and regular financial support. 

Individual cases cannot be identified as strict confidentiality rules apply, but the problems where grants have been made cover financial difficulties, illness, assistance with the costs of treating ill health, and helping with property repairs. 

The fund’s Trustees are keen to help any deserving cases who meet the eligibility criteria but can only consider applications from members, or former members, or their lineal dependants, of IGEM, or its predecessors.

There is a requirement that the Trustees are given access to information about an applicant’s private financial circumstances in order to make sure that a grant is awarded in a way which will serve the applicant best. This is, of course, done in the strictest privacy.

Awards in recent years have been made to enable a member who had retired due to ill health after relatively short service and whose wife was ill to have his property repaired.  In another case, a medically recommended special Hydrotilt chair was purchased for a former member who was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. A third case involved payment towards a treatment not available on the NHS to a sufferer of Multiple Sclerosis. In another case, the fund provided one member with temporary residential care following a hospital stay while awaiting appropriate alternative housing.

If you know someone who may need assistance from time to time, encourage them to approach the Institution. Membership of the fund is open to all grades of membership and no contribution or donation is required. However, members, and any others wishing to do so, can make voluntary donations or bequests.

To find out more about the Benevolent Fund please contact us