Rules and eligibility

  • The competition is open to professionals and students working in or studying towards a career in the gas industry, be they IGEM members or not, who will be at least 18 years of age but under the age of 36 on the 1st June in the year of the competition.

  • All entrants must be available and able to travel to their regional heat, the final and the overall prize destination on the specified dates (once confirmed). Entrants requiring a visa should ensure they arrange this in good time before the dates of these events.

  • The overall winner of the competition must be available to deliver their presentation at either an IGEM Conference or to their local IGEM Section and to share their experiences to help promote any future competitions.

  • By entering the competition, an entrant agrees that their presentation may be recorded or filmed and used by IGEM to promote future competitions.

  • If an entrant is successful in reaching the final and not an existing IGEM member, they are required to apply to become one before the 1st June in the year of the competition.

  • Although IGEM recognises that many projects will be delivered by a team, all entrants should focus on their individual achievements within their chosen project, whilst also providing sufficient information to understand the overall project. In order to satisfy this requirement, no joint entries are permitted. In addition there will be only one entry per person allowed.

  • The winner of each regional heat will be expected to write and submit, by the announced date before the final, a paper of up to a maximum of 1500 words based on the abstract and presentation. The papers will be available for reference purposes only for the panel of judges but will be published in Gas International during the months following the final. Presentations and papers should not contain information, e.g. commercially sensitive, that would restrict publication.

  • The winner of each regional heat will be expected to deliver their visual presentation of up to 15 minutes again at the final and also be prepared to answer questions from the judging panel for a further period of 5 minutes.

  • Entries must be submitted to the YPN Secretary by the specified date. Entries will then be registered with the relevant IGEM District Section.

  • Where a significant large number of entries are received the Section in question will undertake a pre-assessment/shortlisting exercise.

  • Entries may be reallocated to other regional heats at the discretion of the competition organiser and the relevant Section committee to ensure a balanced competition.

  • The regional heats will be run by IGEM Sections in accordance with the competition rules.

  • The Sections will arrange for all selected candidates to present at the designated regional heat. The presentations will be judged in accordance with the specified criteria.

  • The Sections will submit details of the regional heat winning presentation with marks and supporting comments to the YPN Secretary

  • The competition organiser is the IGEM YPN committee (or a subcommittee thereof) who shall have the final say in all decisions relating to the organisation and running of the competition and in any interpretation of the rules.

Motions passed by IGEM Council on the organisation, running or rules of the YPPC will be taken as suggestions to the competition organiser only, and on which the competition organiser is not required to act.