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Gas Quality

IGEM Gas Quality Working Group

IGEM is currently working on the production of a standard covering UK gas quality specification in order to facilitate a change from GS(M)R that reflects the available alternative sources of gas and aligns with the European standard. The Standard will set the Wobbe index (WI) range appropriate for the UK initially examining the extension of the upper range. The specification will also seek the further widening in the lower range at an appropriate stage. the review will consider the impact of Emergency Specification, the interaction with the wider ENA GS(M)R review process and impact in Europe (CEN Standard and Security of Supply Regs.

A core group has been set up to drive the production of the standard and to ensure the entire supply chain issues are addressed. The minutes from the 9 meetings held so far, a database including all of the evidence circulated and the current action list are available to view under the resources panel.

Opening up the gas market

The Opening up the Gas Market (OGM) project sought to demonstrate whether gas, which meets the EASEE-gas specification but sits outside of the characteristics specified within GS(M)R can be distributed and utilised safely and efficiently in GB. For more information on this project please click here

Impact on Industrial and Commercial Users

As part of the work being undertaken by the group, DNV GL have been tasked with looking at the impacts of gas quality on industrial and commercial users. The project will explore the effects of a wider gas Wobbe Index including blended hydrogen mixtures (containing up to 20 mol% hydrogen) by researching the measures in place around the world to ensure safe and efficient combustion of wider specification gas.  The research will also include the effects of rate of change of Wobbe Index. The industrial and commercial equipment examined will be greater than 1 MW in size and the research will also consider any instrumentation which measures, or may be affected by, gas quality.

The range of Wobbe Index for this study is 45.67 to 53.25 MJ/m3 (compared with the existing GS(M)R range of 47.20 to 51.41 MJ/m3). This range is not exclusive and information within and outside of this range will be considered.

On 18 January 2018, a workshop was held at IGEM House to which stakeholders from the Industrial and Commercial gas sector were invited. The aim of the workshop was to inform stakeholders about the background behind the proposed changes to GS(M)R, provide insight into the quality of the gas currently supplied to the GB network and to act as a forum for gathering information from stakeholders in the gas industry. Here is a summary of the outputs from the day and presentations on the challanges and impacts of gas quality variations given by DNV GL and a presentation on gas quality by Ian McCluskey.

The final report has now been publlished and is available to view here


HyDeploy is an energy trial to establish the potential for blending hydrogen, up to 20%, into the normal gas supply to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.Subject to Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approval in Phase 1 of the project, the aim is to run a year-long live trial of blended gas on part of the Keele gas network in Phase 3 (2019). HyDeploy will determine the level of hydrogen which could be used by gas consumers safely and with no changes to their behaviour or existing domestic appliances.  For more information please click here



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