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Hydrogen Research Reports

We are pleased to announce the launch of IGEM's technical report Hydrogen: untapped energy?, please click here to download a copy.  We welcome any comments or questions you have regarding the report which you can send to

The following is an overview of the Hydrogen research project.


Honda's hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle on display at the 4th World Hydrogen Technologies Conference held in September 2011 in Glasgow, Scotland (Photo courtesy of Jonathan Wing, Fuel Cell Today)  

IGEM would like to thank the following individuals for their assistance in compiling this report.

Mrs Karen Hall, UKHFCA

Dr Aman Dhir, University of Birmingham

Professor Kevin Kendall, University of Birmingham

Mr Will McDowall, UCL

Mr Nick Hart, ITM Power

Mr Charles Purkess, ITM Power

Mr Mark Crowther, Gastec at CRE

IGEM is also grateful to the following for their assistance:

Ballard Power Systems, USA

Jonathan Wing, Fuel Cell Today

Please direct any questions or comments to

Introduction to Hydrogen

 Following IGEM's report Hydrogen: Untapped energy? we are pleased to make available further research work that has been undertaken to support the potential of Hydrogen as a fuel for use in domestic, commercial and industrial premises. 

A report prepared by Kiwa GASTEC at CRE for DECC entitled Energy Storage Component Research & Feasibility Study Scheme HyHouse can be down loaded here.


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