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ProHeat Systems Ltd.

Location: London

Country: England

Contact: Mr Stefan Romocki

Qualifications: Aff:IGEM

Phone: +44 (0)203 287 8400

Mobile: +44 (0)7847 630492



Address: 1 Fore Street, Ground Floor, London, EC2Y 5EJ

Headquartered in London, England, ProHeat Systems is the first company of its kind, dedicated exclusively to preheating solutions for the gas industry. It was borne of a need to modernize preheating systems, making them simpler, more robust, and more sustainable.

ProHeat has responded to the Gas Distribution Networks' requirements for reduced carbon footprint on the network and lower lifetime asset costs by collaborating with a team of academic and sector specialists to develop an entirely new, ultra-efficient preheating method. This method circulates steam in a natural thermo syphon, replacing water-based heating systems and eliminating the need for pumps. By offering customers an industrial product with low service requirements, ProHeat is able to deliver reliable and efficient preheating solutions which are easy to maintain.

ProHeat has also developed its own Dynamic Control System, whereby sensor technology is used to respond in real-time to load fluctuations, dynamically altering heating capacity to match demand. This saves fuel and energy, making ProHeat unmatched with respect to fuel usage and CO2 emissions. Independent groups have estimated that replacement of a 500kw water bath heater with a new preheating system from ProHeat will provide fuel savings of more than 50% and a reduction in emissions equivalent to having removed 1,200 cars from the road over a one year period.

In recognition of the change it has brought to the industry, ProHeat was recognized as Best Energy Network Improvement at the 2014 UK Energy Innovation Awards. Combining the latest innovations, specialist expertise in heat transfer, and state-of-the-art manufacturing, ProHeat is earning its place in the market as a go-to source for preheater upgrades and water bath replacements.

ProHeat is proud to be supporting Northern Gas Networks in its Low Carbon Gas Preheat (LCGP) project, the first project of its kind to benchmark preheater performance across four classes of technology. This ground-breaking £6.8M study will use real time performance monitoring to highlight daily and monthly differences in preheater performance across twelve UK sights. As an industry first, performance results including efficiency and carbon emissions will be captured and shared in a real-time on a web-based platform. ProHeat will supply three systems to the LCGP study ranging from 80kW to 2.5 MW.